Antic Daró is a company that is situated and established  in La Bisbal from 1995,and has dedicated itself exclusively to antique clockmaking.

Managed by two titled Master clockmakers, it gives a service in purchase, sale, repair and restoration of all types of clocks which are sold with a guarantee of good workmanship and proper functioning, which also includes transport to the customers home.

At the shop one can find from the big grandfather clocks to those made of wrought iron of the eighteenth century, as well as the  works of quality of the Swiss brands .

Our attendance to more than thirty art and antique fairs at home as well as abroad and internationally, provide our customers with the assurance of our quality and  of a job well done.

Private customers, decorators, and collectors allow themselves to be seduced by the magical world of antique clockmaking, be it by the different decorative styles, or by the exclusivity of the complicated mechanical pieces.

Rellotgería Antic Daró